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When it comes to organizing an event every detail is important. Sometimes, it’s the smallest detail that makes the difference.

We organize our services through an integrated “one-stop-shop” logic, with access to highly specialized companies and a catalogue of solutions customized to all types of events. We have the know-how and experience to provide services complementary to event organizing, including content creation, design, stand building, signage and branding, registration and check-in management, furniture, and more.

Our partner AVK is one of the primary Portuguese companies, and an international point of reference, in audio-visual equipment and services. Its offer includes state-of-the-art and high-demand solutions

Catering is a decisive factor in the success of an event. At FIL, just as at CLL, this service is provided exclusively by our duly accredited partners: the Silva Carvalho group, the Casa do Marquês, and the Food Events Network. In addition to providing exceptional service, these partners offer a wide assortment of menu packs and solutions crafted to fit your event.

Technology is indispensable and is intimately connected to a well-running event. Together with our partners, we’re able to boast elevated levels of competence in technology services, providing high-level equipment and top-notch technicians. We have the  capacity to tackle even the most demanding of requests and the know-how to support and manage all event-support systems.

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