Parking lots, loading docks

Parking lot

FIL has an underground parking garage with 830 spaces. There are two entrances: the north entrance (next to the Sony Square) or the south entrance (on Rua do Bojador street), with direct access via elevator or stairs to the four pavilions.

Additionally, there are more than 10,000 parking spaces in the expo surrounding area. For info on other parking lots located in the Parque das Nações neighbourhood, visit www.portaldasnacoes.pt.

Loading docks

With 300 parking spaces, the FIL loading dock provides logistical support for events.

FIL has an exterior loading dock with 300 parking spaces and ample area for manoeuvring, thus facilitating setup and breakdown of FIL events.

This area has also been used for some parallel activities and even as an exhibition area during some events, especially for large-sized equipment. It is also in this area where recycling from materials used in events is kept. Entrance is at the north end of the complex.